Monday, July 10, 2017


Okay, so will I unpack the suitcase today? Probably not. There's still a lot of other stuff that I will do, thereby ignoring the whole suitcase thing. For one thing, I need to return the library books that I checked out for the cruise. That I didn't exactly read.

I did read this book: A Lucky Child: A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz as a Young Boy.  It's the story of a boy who, with his mother and father, were deported to Auschwitz after surviving in a ghetto and a labor camp. He was only 10 years old.

The book tells about how his parents met and were married and about his first years. There are some photos that were miraculously saved (and found after the war) that show what a happy family they were.

The title of the book comes from the fact that a fortune-teller told Tommy's mother that he was a lucky child. And he was, as he manages to escape several times from being killed by the Nazis.

The author waited until he was an adult to write this book. He admits that some of his memories might not be as accurate had he decided to write the book earlier in life. But he also admits that he probably couldn't have dealt with the memories had he done so. The memories he shares are sad yet miraculous, and worth the read.

As far as other things I need to accomplish, the list is lengthy. The plan is to deep-clean a couple of rooms each day so that by Friday, the house will be a sparkling example of housewifery delight. And maybe even the suitcase will be unpacked!
Blessings today include: catching up on bills and paperwork; returning books on time (and finding out my ten cent overdue fine has been forgiven, since the library is no longer bothering with overdue fines)

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