Sunday, July 23, 2017

Checking Things Off An Invisible List

Today I actually got a few things accomplished. I did get the den and kitchen picked up and looking like non-slobs live here. I did get our room booked for next February during Princess Race Weekend. I did get some flights re-booked so we won't be getting in close to midnight (or have to leave at the butt-crack of dawn). I did make a Costco run with Molly and picked up a few things in an effort to eat sensibly this week. I did text a few friends to check in with them. I even relaxed in the bed and watched the live-action "Beauty and the Beast" that I hadn't seen. Watched it all the way through without interruption. Now that's a task completed!

Of course that only leaves the sixty-eleven-million things that still need to get done. And no, I didn't make a list. I need something left to accomplish tomorrow ...
Today's blessings include; Molly making breakfasts for the week; Costco-ing with Molly; checking in with Nancy and Pam; finding a cleaning wipe for MH's shirt; chatting with Dani at DVC and her great help; getting the car seats back in MB's van without melting in the heat; photos and texts from the Westward vacationers and baby E's fever going down; chatting with the Dominos Dude who delivered my pasta

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