Monday, July 3, 2017

Sea Day!

Today started off as usual, breakfast in Cabanas. Molly was still eating, so I left before her. As I was heading to the door, who do I see? George and Sylvia! So I stop at their table and explain the whole dining thing. Of course they understood the whole thing and weren’t miffed at all (which was my concern). They told me about their tour yesterday of Curacao and showed me some beautiful photos. I showed them some photos of the grandgirls, we discussed our plans for St. Kitts, and then I was off to the Rainforest Room to join Molly (who had already texted me twice to find out where I was).

Since it is a sea day, after a bit the Rainforest Room filled up, as did the adult area around the pool, and basically every other spot. We spent the rest of the day watching things on tv, taking naps, and doing basically nothing. Before dinner Molly went to the Rainforest Room and I was going to walk on the jogging deck, but it was closed off in parts so I gave it up.

At dinner we again had our private table in Animator’s Palate. We saw Sylvia as she came in and she gave us a hug – she’s really a fun one. Our new table had a great view of the television screen, and enjoyed the interaction between Crush and the family next to us. The most fun were the regular servers around us – they seem totally confused as to why we were there!

Tonight we ate a lot and I was totally stuffed. We headed back to the room and pretty much went to bed. Tomorrow we land in St. Kitts!
Blessings today include: chatting with Sylvia and George; RR time; lovely day at sea

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