Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sea Day!!

Today was our last sea day. We started with brunch at Palo, and of course our server was Amanda. We started with the seafood, cheese, and bread area, where there are truly too many good things to eat. After munching on that a bit, Amanda took our true brunch order. Molly and I both ordered chicken parmesan and then also ordered a apple cinnamon giant Mickey waffle and beef lasagna to share. To say it was all delicious is an understatement. Oh, and did I mention then it was time to visit the dessert table? Somehow we managed to rouse ourselves from our table, waddle to the elevator, and return to our room. I was time for a nap, and then Molly decided to go watch “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” (once was enough for me, thank you).

Eventually we went to dinner. Tonight we were eating in Animators, and it was show night. That means you color on some paper and then it gets animated on the big screens. It’s truly amazing – you should cruise the Fantasy to see it for reals!

Anyhow, we had fun with our wait staff. Zoltan pretty much already thinks we’re nuts, mainly because we keep asking him questions. So far we have found out the following facts about him:

· His grandfather died of alcoholism.

· He has four half-sisters because his father slept around in the village

· Zoltan is a city boy so he won’t marry one of his sisters

· His parents divorced when Zoltan was 2, and he hasn’t seen him since

· He has a stepfather but he doesn’t like him – he’s never liked him. His stepfather likes old cars and sour things and Zoltan likes new things.

· Zoltan doesn’t like anything with lemons or sour things

· He has one half-brother who is 18 so Zoltan still has some influence on him

· He watched “LaLa Land” and he almost cried at the end – he wanted them to end up together

· He doesn’t like cold weather and identifies with Florida snowbirds

· He collects magnets of places he goes and puts them on his refrigerators in his cabin. He is very particular about which magnet he chooses.

· He likes new things and doesn’t want to be on the older Disney ships

· He likes to fold clothes

I know, a lot of information, but since we are the only two at our table, we like to talk to him. Also, tonight I decided to order from the children’s menu which really kinda threw him (and August our assistant server). Oh well, he can return to normal people next week!

And now some beautiful photos from our verandah!!

Blessings today include: lazy day on the sea; blog catchups (keep in mind that most of these will be photos of amazing grandchildren) 2016: August 10, 12-15; September 19, 28, 29; October 3, 10, 21; November 22; 2017: January 1, 5-9, 13, 20-23, 25

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