Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Rooms cleaned - 0          Suitcases unpacked - 0

Oh well, at least I don't show favoritism. Today I had a task to complete anyhow. In reference to Saturday's wedding shower, there is the possibility that we might have it in the sunroom. That is, if it's not boiling hot outside. The sunroom is the largest room that would be convenient for everyone to eat and party in.

However, there's one slight issue - the kids trampoline. Luckily, my friend Cheryl has agreed to take the trampoline for her little nephew. The issue is that it will need to be taken apart to get it out of the sunroom. And since you asked, the reason it is in the sunroom is because when we got it when Lindley was around two, we put it in the sunroom to (a) make it last longer than if it were outside, and (b) so when it was raining, she would have it inside.

So, after putting it off as long as possible, I started un-assembling the trampoline. To do this, I got out the assembly manual and started from the back (which is actually suggested, once I read the last page). It ended up not being too hard - just hot, since it is pretty much sweltering outside. It didn't take too long until all the posts and such were off and carefully put away. Since I could actually get the mat with the springs out the door, I opted to keep all the springs on. Also, I did not have the spring tool thingy, and figured it would be much easier for the new owner if he/she didn't have to reattach all those springs.

Once it was done, I was too hot and sweaty to do anything else, so I called it a day. The sunroom is super filthy, so I will conquer it another day. How many days do I have left??
Blessings today include: trampoline success; walking two miles in the hood with KB; Everley spending the night

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