Thursday, November 13, 2014

And Here We Are

Here would be California - Disneyland to be exact. Molly and I are here for the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend and to finish THE BIG IDEA (more about that in a few days). We left this afternoon, flew for about a billion years, and arrived at LAX later in the afternoon (thanks to time zones and such). As the pilot told us, we would have gotten to LAX really early, but there was a big head wind so we didn't.  At least there was some pretty scenery along the way. It was pretty cool to see the top side of these clouds - it almost looked like ocean waves.

Anyhow, once we finally got off the plane at LAX (we had to hang around the tarmac for awhile because there was a plane at our gate - and at this Southwest part of LAX, there's a lot of construction and closed gates, so it's a big mess), we found out that the bathrooms were not working at baggage claim. We didn't have any baggage to claim, but could have used a bathroom. Nevertheless, we "held it" and went in search of our Super Shuttle to the hotel.

Eventually ours pulled up (this was after we saw a truck pull up with some porta-potties), we got on and proceeded to the other gates to pick up some more urine-holding passengers. The last group to get on was a family - two parents and three teenage daughters. The dad got in the front seat with the driver, and the mom got on the bench seat with Molly and me. They chatted up the driver for a bit and then when we got on the freeway, the mom went to sleep. On my shoulder. Yeah, how sweet. She did wake up before we arrived at our hotel, and managed to move out of the way so we could get out.

We checked into our hotel and had a nice view of the back of California Adventure. We decided to call it a day/night and got some dinner and watched the Disneyland fireworks from the pool deck. While they were nice, they certainly were no match for the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Of course that could be because we weren't down in the park watching ...

Anyhow, since it was past bedtime back home, we decided to go to bed (not a hard decision). Lots of things to do this weekend!!
Today is a gift because: I managed to get everything packed and the house in reasonable order before leaving; safe, smooth flight to LAX; finishing "Wonder" on the plane; great room location at Paradise Pier; dinner at Earl's; watching the fireworks

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