Monday, November 24, 2014

It's A Start?

Yes, the tree is as small as it looks. I "downsized" last year without really thinking about how downsized this tree was. The good news is that it's small enough for Lindley and Everley to see all the ornaments and really enjoy it. The bad news is that as of this moment, there are no ornaments on it to enjoy.

My plan was to get it out, put it up, and adorn it. I guess two out of three ain't bad. I have to get the ornaments on it, because we leave for Florida on Thursday and I won't be back until December 12. And I have a ton of stuff to do before Doikmas (Davidson family Christmas) on December 20 (including a non-Disney half marathon in Atlanta on December 14). So in other words, the tree needs to be ready to go before I leave. And I'm hoping that the ornaments will still be on the tree upon my return.
And then there's this stack of Christmas cards. It's the stack of cards that we received last year, that I bundled up and put on the mantel. The stack of cards that I planned to respond to all during the year (since I didn't send out Christmas cards). The stack of cards that sat on the mantel and I never responded to all year. And so now I have to decide whether to send the senders Christmas cards from me this year.  So if you sent me one, don't wait by the mailbox waiting - but then, if we're close enough for you to send me a card, you probably know by now the probability of my sending you one back!!

Merry Christmas season, y'all!!
Today is a gift because: getting stuff accomplished and starting to pack suitcase for upcoming trip; new Pandora charm from Marilyn; completing details for girls March cruise; lower price on rental car

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