Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throw Back Thursday's Story

So these were some of our first medals of 2014. These were the full marathon medal, the Goofy medal (for doing the half and the full), and the Dopey medal (for doing all four of the weekend races). This picture was taken in January, which seems eons ago and yet just yesterday.

Of course, I had many goals and plans for doing all the Disney races this year. For one thing, I was going to train harder and more consistently and get faster. That did not happen.

I was also going to lose weight, what with my new sensible eating plan and my exercise regimen and my training. None of that happened either.

I was going to make cute running costumes, which would be doubly cute because I was going to be so thin after losing all that weight from working out and eating sensibly. Yeah, none of that happened either.

HOWEVER, I did manage to get through all of the Disney races, some at a snail's pace and some even slower. Even if I didn't accomplish all my goals, I accomplished the big one, and I have the medals (but not so much the stellar finish times) to prove it.

So what's the moral of this story?  That some goals are important and others not so important? That there's more than one way to reach a goal? That even if you don't make all your goals, making at least one is satisfactory?

Maybe it's all of them. Maybe it's that you're never too old to set a seemingly impossible goal and make it. Maybe that it's not the goal that matters, it's the journey to get there. And for me, as thrilling as getting all those medals is, it was the journey with Molly that truly was the best part.
Today is a gift because: MB's lunch soup; taking the tent down and getting caught up on laundry; pretty yard thanks to lawnmower dude; beautiful day to wash car

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Marilyn said...

Love the kiss behind you- every kiss begins with K!