Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Upcoming Plans

So, since some of you are interested in my travel plans (and maybe because I need something to write about), I thought I would share my upcoming travel itinerary. I'm hoping that this is the last trip(s) of the year, but who knows ...

Anyhow, on Thursday (yup, that's right - Thanksgiving Day), Steve, Molly, and I will hop on a plane at dark-thirty (which means 6:30am which means leaving the house at 5am) to fly to Orlando. And here's the crazy part (well, not that crazy when you finish reading this) - WE'RE NOT STAYING AT DISNEY WORLD. Nope, this is Molly and Steve's annual Black Friday shopping excursion. And don't bother getting up on your soapbox to preach about Black Friday to me - I refuse to participate. Not because I have any kind of morals of values or anything - I just don't want to be a part of that crazy madness. So, once we arrive at the airport and get the rental car, we will head to the hotel (again, not Disney) and hope that our room is ready so I can park it there while Molly and Steve participate in crazy.

The hotel we're staying at is across from Sea World. Which I used to really love until I decided that all the Shamu Orcas should be in the ocean, so I guess I won't be going there either. Which is another reason I shall park myself in the room.

Anyhow, we're staying at the hotel until Saturday, when Molly and I will return to the airport, pick up a different rental car (and Katie and Nancy at their hotel) and head for the port. As in Port Canaveral. And we all know what is there. Oh, you don't? Well, it's the Disney cruise ship, The Fantasy. Molly and I (along with Katie and Nancy) will boarding for a week to visit San Juan, St. Thomas, and Castaway Cay, with the rest of the week being sea days. We say it's our reward for doing all the Disney races - because we can justify anything!

Anyhow, once we get off the ship on Saturday, a week later, we will head to the Polynesian resort at Disney World (see - I told you not to get all panicky because we weren't staying at Disney for Part 1 of this adventure). While we will have been on the Fantasy for a week, Steve (I know - you were worried/wondering why he wasn't included on the ship outing) will have been in Orlando all week, playing golf and the like. The weekend we return, he will be volunteering for Tiger Wood's golf tournament. He clearly did not miss being on the ship.

Once Molly and I check in at the hotel (hoping our room is ready), we'll probably head to Epcot for some Christmas treats (and maybe poutine) until Steve gets done with his volunteer duties at the golf tourney. And then we'll all wait for Aunt Judy (Steve's sister) to arrive around 6pm. And then we'll all wait for Lynnette, Lindley, Maribeth, and Everley to arrive around 8pm. In other words, it's party time!

The group will enjoy Disney World Christmas time until Monday, when Steve and Molly return to Nashville, and enjoy more Christmas fun until Wednesday when Judy and Lynnette return to their respective homes, and enjoy the last of the Disney Christmas fun until Friday, when Maribeth, Everley, Lindley, and I return to Nashville. Which is where I hope to stay put until 2015 ...

Anyhow, now you know where I'm headed. And where are you headed this fine holiday season??
Today is a gift because:  getting stuff done like decorating the tree, picking up the house, packing the suitcase

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Denise in PA said...

Whew, so glad you will be in Disney eventually. Because i WAS getting all panicky! How can you be that close and not be going to see the Mouse??? Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! o:)