Saturday, November 22, 2014


Everybody wanted chocolate rice krispies, but nobody liked them ...
Of course, Saturdays are for getting up early. My question is, what happened to network Saturday morning cartoons? I remember getting up on Saturday mornings and planting myself in front of the television from early morning until noon. Thank goodness we have cable and can find Jake and/or Sophia. Anyhow, that was our morning plan. And perhaps to brush hair and change into daytime clothes ...
Miranda the babysitter came at 9am. Maribeth asked me earlier this week if I wanted Miranda to come over, and I said yes. Mainly so Lindley and Everley could get a break from LaLa. And so LaLa could do a little retail therapy. Of course, judging from the bags, you can guess where and for whom I shopped for.  Anyhow, eventually I returned home, relieved Miranda, and took over the reins. Everley was supposed to go home and sleep, since she and her mom were going out of town the next day, but that did not suit Everley, so she stayed the night. And after a nice, long cousin bath time, it was time to watch a little television and go to sleep. Guess who got the middle?
Today is a gift because: Lindley and Everley time; Miranda coming over to play; lots of retail therapy; MSU win over Vandy

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