Friday, November 14, 2014

To Plan or Not To Plan ...

Before we came on this trip, Molly and I planned (at least for us, we did) some of the things that we wanted to make sure we did while here. While those things included the races we would be "participating" in, those things also included some attractions we wanted to see and places we wanted to eat. So much for plans ...

First of all, we woke up super early this morning. Obviously we went to bed on Central Time, and so we woke up on Central Time. That would be a difference of two hours. Which means 7am at home is 5am here.

Good morning California Adventure. What - you're not awake yet?

Thanks for the pretty sunrise - I've been up a few hours waiting on it!
Anyhow, once the rest of the tourists and workers were up and going, we were ready for our day, which was going to start off with early entrance to California Adventure Park. We went downstairs and ordered a breakfast pizza (I think technically it was a breakfast flatbread or something fancy). We shared it and wandered around to find the line waiting to enter the park early. Eventually the park opened and we headed for the racers. Only once we got there, the breakfast pizza-flatbread was beginning to suggest that I not get all jiggly on a ride, so we opted out.

We wandered about the park a bit and then headed for the race expo. From past experience we know to get to the expo early to get in the lines to get the race merchandise (which will sell out in minutes). We got in line (and waited for 45 minutes) to get into the race merch area. After wandering in there for a while, I got in line with the magnet I wanted (another 20 minute wait to pay) and Molly went to get her race bibs and shirts.

Eventually we met back up, had some lunch (not at any place we planned but at a place we'd never eaten). We shopped a bit more and headed back to the hotel to dump our stuff and nap (those are never planned - just a given). We then ventured out to Disneyland to eat at some places we had "planned." Once inside the park, we observed the long, long line for the corndog kiosk (yes, corn dog, but they're supposed to be delicious). We nixed that and were in line for another place and reading the posted menu when some lady behind us said (in a not so nice a voice), "Are you going to eat here?" We promptly decided that we were indeed not going to eat there and left and ate at our old faithful, The Earl of Sandwich. Where Molly had the Thanksgiving sandwich and promptly fell in love. With the sandwich (we won't mention how many times she will have this over the weekend).

Anyhow, after all of this failed planning, we decided to return to our room and go to bed. Our 5K starts at 5:30am (yes, you read that right) in the morning, and we certainly don't want to be late for that!
Today is a gift because: beautiful sunrise over CA; good food, even though it wasn't what we planned; race expo and people watching (and listening); getting my Raw Threads shirt even though the dude told somebody else the shirts wouldn't be available; chatting with the RooSport dude

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