Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Since I will be out of town on Lynnette's birthday, we voted to have her birthday party tonight (and because I am not a fan of having birthdays post-birthday, especially since in this case, it would be waaay post-birthday). Anyhow, while I had planned to have a Thanksgiving meal for this occasion (and therefore checking that off the list), the remaining members of my family had planned to do that tomorrow, so instead we will be having hamburgers. And therefore, no leftovers.

So, in prep for tonight's party, I went about my tasks for the day. Yesterday while I was leaving Toys R Us, I decided to make an appointment at Massage Envy. Sure, I could get one on my upcoming cruise, but they costs about twice as much, and being the cheapskate I am, I opted for one pre-cruise (as I did a pedicure, for pretty much the same reasons). Anyhow, as I said, while I was walking to my car, I decided to make the appointment. I pulled up the number in my phone that said Green Hills Massage Envy, chatted with the receptionist, and got an hour and a half with Sherry at 8am. Fast forward to this morning at 8am when I show up at Massage Envy Green Hills. And find out that I do not have an appointment at 8am. With Sherry or anybody else at Massage Envy Green Hills. Why? Because I have an appointment with Sherry at Massage Envy Cool Springs. Which is about 20 minutes away. Which is why I changed to Green Hills, because it is only 5 minutes away. Anyhow, I get in my car and hightail it for Cool Springs, arrive about 20 minutes late (after answering a call from Joe at Massage Envy Cool Springs, inquiring about my whereabouts). Luckily I had made the appointment for an hour and a half, so I still got a good massage.

Next was the assignment of getting the pumpkin cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory that Lynnette had requested for her birthday party. I got there as soon as the place opened, just in case there would be a mad stampede for this particular treat. Apparently there was not, so I was pretty much next in line (if there had been one). Anyhow, upon my arrival at the register, I realized that I would have to make a decision as to the size of the cheesecake - a 6 incher, 7 incher, or the big size (I don't remember how many inchers). Anyhow I decided to split it down the middle and choose the 7 incher (mainly because I seriously doubt anybody else that is related by blood to me will eat it, and Lynnette will still have some leftover). I tell my order to the check out girl, to which she responds that they have no more of the 7 inch size. To which I respond and inquire as to which size they have. To which she responds and says she will check and then realized that they do indeed have the 7 inch - they must have been delivered. And so I purchase my (well, actually Lynnette's) desired cheesecake and head home.

So the moral of today is that sometimes you think things are not working out, but they do. You just have to be patient, or figure out how to make it work or deal with it, or just let it go and move on. Today I got a massage and Lynnette got her cheesecake - win/win for everybody!!
Today is a gift because: finishing up all my tasks before leaving town; getting the pumpkin cheesecake that Lynnette requested for her birthday celebration; picking up books at the library; Lynnette's birthday party; Massage Envy goof up and still an hour with Sherry; Steve's burgers on the grill; Lindley time

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