Friday, November 28, 2014


As I may have stated before, we are down here in Orlando for two reasons - for Steve and Molly to participate in holiday shopping and for me to go on a cruise. Today is the traditional day of mega-shopping, which I will not be doing. Molly and Steve did most of theirs yesterday, so today what shall we do?

Well, first Molly and I took Steve to the golf course where he will be spending the day golfing. The course was out in the boondocks, and by the time Molly and I took the incorrect exit back to civilization, it was very close to lunch, so we decided to go to Downtown Disney to dine with Wolfgang Puck. He wasn't there, but we ate there anyhow. And then we shopped and purchased lots of things that had nothing to do with any kind of Black Friday sales.

That being done, we headed to Target to purchase some cruise supplies for Molly and Katie (six bottles, to be exact) and headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before loading up the car with supplies for the trek back to the golf course to pick up Steve.

In other words, it was a pretty quiet day, especially when we observed the line of cars on the interstate, waiting to get off on the exit ramp to the outlet malls. Tomorrow we head for the port - now that's a line of cars I will be glad to get in!!
Today is a gift because: taking Steve to play golf; eating and shopping at DD with Molly; listening to Molly's call with DCL and WDW Reservations; dinner at Red Lobster with Steve and Molly; pics of Lindley and Everley sleeping because they did not take naps

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