Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's Underwear Day At Disney!!

After arriving at the hotel, we decided to head over to Epcot for lunch. As we were walking along the Boardwalk, we noticed a cherry picker truck beside a tree. We looked up and saw that the workers were removing something from the branches of the tree. And that something happened to be a pair of mens boxer shorts. Of course that kind of sight leads one to wonder (a) to whom do these boxers belong, and (b) is that someone who is missing the boxers in question waiting for the rescue of the boxers, and (c) exactly how does one's boxers end up in a tree, at Disney of all places?

We pondered these questions, but seeing no one about who appeared to be waiting for the boxers to be rescued and delivered to him, we proceeded to our lunch destination. After stuffing ourselves full of poutine, we ambled back to our hotel in anticipation of a poutine-induced nap.

As we walked down the hall, we noticed a similar sight. This time it was a pair of - does one say "pair" in this instance - ladies thong underwear. And yes, I took a picture of it. It's not every day you see such things at Disney. And of course, the existence of a thong on the floor in the hallway of a Disney hotel brought up other questions such as (a) why is it here, and (b) does the former wearer realize that her (his?) thong is missing, and (c) is the thong in search of its boxer mate, and mainly (d) who is going to pick up this thong (poor mousekeeping - but I'm sure they've seen much worse).
Had I realized that today was underwear day at Disney, I might have flung my drawers out the window, too. But considering the size of my granny panties, they might have been mistaken for a poor skydiver's failed parachute!! 
Today is a gift because: safe, smooth, early flight to Orlando; meeting up with Marilyn at the airport and having Chic Fil A breakfast; rental car mix-up; taking birthday pics for John; LeCellier poutine lunch; room ready upon arrival; outlet shopping; Wine and Dine eating around the world

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Denise in PA said...

Instead of looking for hidden Mickeys, I think next time I"ll try to spot random underwear!