Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Ten Tips For Doing A Disney Race

1. Apparel is everything. Dress the part. Because if you're not fast, at least you'll look really cute. And if a glass of bubbly is part of the finish celebration, that's even better.

2. It helps to have someone along who knows where you are supposed to go. And doesn't mind showing you the way, pulling you along if necessary.

3. Get over yourself and have fun. It's Disney. Sure, go fast if that's your thing, but enjoy the sights along the way. Because you're probably one of the sights!

4. Form a train. Be the leader. Be the one in back. Be in the middle. Just be and have a blast!

5. Have somebody willing to carry you across when needed ...
6. Because they may need to drag you across when needed ...
7. Always have a big finish. Even if somebody decides to zoom past you at the finish. Especially if she's your daughter. Because even if she's faster, you can still have the bigger and better finish picture. And that's what really counts.

8. Raise your hand in victory at the finish. Because you scored a victory by finishing. No matter what your time. And if you have no idea where you are, then have a friend (or a daughter) raise your hand for you. Because eventually you will regain your senses and will need to be reminded of what a fun time you had.

9. Port-o-potties are reality. And a necessity. And perfectly okay to use. So get over it and take advantage of the facilities. Because nobody wants to see an "uh-oh" finish picture!

10. And finally, try not to go so fast that you get arrested by the Disney police. Sure, winning is something, but getting put in the Disney pokey puts a damper on everybody's day!!
Today is a gift because: taking Everley to school; picking up Everley and Lindley from school; veggie soup for dinner

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