Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wing Tips

Today, on the day we should be grateful for anything and everything, I would like to mention wing tips. Not the old man type shoes, but for those little ends of the wings on airplanes that flip up. Here's why ...

Several (okay, so probably many) years ago, Southwest started changing over the wings on their planes. Instead of just being flat all the way to the end, the ends now had a little flippy-up part on the end. To me that signaled that the plane was better and newer and more looked-after than the other planes and their flat wings. And so, whenever I had to board a plane, I would always look out at the wings and note the presence or absence of wing tips. And usually got a dose of happiness if I saw wing tips. Of course that dose of happiness lasted until we got up in the air and my toes curled until we landed. Nevertheless, as time went on, the sight of wing tips became more and more common as flat wings sort of faded into the past. In fact, nowadays, I look mainly as a habit, because all the wings have wing tips - don't they?

Well, let's just hold on a minute. Imagine my surprise (shock, horror) when upon boarding today's plane, as I look out the window what do I see?  A FLAT WING!!! Oh my goodness - what in the world? How old is this plane? Why is it in service? Where has it been the past decade? In short - WHAT THE CRAP??!!??

Upon boarding the plane, the flight attendant announces that "these bins are smaller than usual" and proceeds to say a bunch of other stuff. And don't even think about asking about Wi-Fi. I personally had determined to have no electronic equipment (maybe I should turn off my watch), in order to make sure this dinosaur could get up in the air. The only thing worse would if I had looked out and seen propellers on the plane (because then I would be heading towards the Hertz counter).

Anyhow, we all got in our seats, fastened our seats, and were soon up in the air. I dutifully kept watch on the wings, listening to every sound just in case I needed to report to the captain. Remarkably (to me, anyway), the flight was uneventful. We land in Orlando, and as we are taxiing to the gate, what do I see out the window? Another wingtip-less plane waiting on the tarmac!!

So today, on this day of thankfulness, I am indeed thankfulness for all the gifts and blessings that have been given to me. But especially for planes without wingtips that made it to Florida - maybe to retire?
Today is a gift because: early morning safe and smooth flight to Orlando; rental car return fun; room ready upon arrival; day of watching Holiday Baking Championship and Business Dude on television; Molly and Steve bringing Mimi's for dinner; Molly's shopping success

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