Monday, November 10, 2014

To Pack or Underpack - Which Day Is It?

So some days I have to figure if it's unpacking or packing day. One would think that by having two similar weekend trips two weekends in a row, it would be rather easy to pack. One should stop thinking. Instead, I have to unpack the stuff and get it washed, then determine if any of the stuff I took is worth repacking for the next weekend. Even though the next weekend will consist of the same activities, one needs to make sure.

In the end, I will probably just do as Mickey is doing - after all, I'm going to his West Coast location for this next adventure. He appears to know what he is doing. I'm glad one of us does ...

Today is a gift because: Taking Everley to school; unpacking the suitcase (mainly because I will need to repack it in a few days); getting caught up (sort of)

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