Saturday, November 8, 2014

More Merry Mickey!!

 This morning Marilyn, Molly, and I participated in (notice I did not say "run") the Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K. It was a fun little jaunt through Animal Kingdom. It started at 7am, which meant we had to get on the bus at the hotel at 5:30am. Which meant we had to get up early. Which we are not exactly fans of.

Nevertheless, we donned our festive race outfits (which were mild compared to the ones we saw), got on the bus, and were soon at the holding area. And we held for about an hour until finally we started.

Before the race - dark skies and attitudes ...
After - brighter skies and attitudes!!!

We mosied about for 3.1 miles and finished, just in time for a bus ride back to the hotel where some of us showered, some of us napped, and some of us went out to purchase ponchos. We eventually regrouped for lunch at The Brown Derby, where we ate quite well and chatted with Nancy and Katie, who stopped by on their way to Epcot.  Then it was time to head back to the hotel for a rest - we have big plans for tonight!

Today's race is for Everley. I know that one day, she will do this race with me. Or I will do it with her. Or at least follow and meet her at the finish line. I also have to say that this race is also for her dad Mathieu. A couple of years ago, he did this race and ran right past the medal-passing-out people. Which meant he didn't get his pledal (that would be a plastic medal). He didn't seem to be too concerned about it, which confounded both Molly and me, who believe that medals are the purpose in any race. Anyhow, Mathieu, this race is also for you - but you still can't have my pledal!!

Today is a gift because: 5K with Molly and Marilyn and seeing MSU fans in the race; lunch at The Brown Derby and visiting with Katie and Nancy; successful shopping for race supplies

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