Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Flying Time (In One Way Or Another)

Yup, it's time to do a little travelling. Tomorrow Molly and I head south for a little bit of Mickey and a few wogging miles. I'm actually ahead of the game, since the house is relatively picked up and I even have a bag packed. We're meeting Marilyn down there and will see Katie (who will also be doing a few miles) and Nancy. We're leaving at crack-of-dawn-thirty in the morning (because we like cheap flights), so I guess it's good that I'm packed.

Most of our race weekends are planned months in advance. When we sign up for them, that particular race weekend seems like eons away. I always think (okay, fantasize) about how ready I will be for that particular race because I will have trained (insert laugh track here). And then I blink and that race weekend is here. Time flew and my goal (dream, fantasy, whatever) flew away with it.

Sometimes I look at Lindley and Everley and am amazed at how big they are getting. It seems like yesterday they were little babies. Or even toddlers. Now they're little girls with their own ideas. They're delightful and true blessings, and another indicator of how fast time passes.

And then there's the milk. There's no better indicator of time as when you go to purchase milk, because it's stamped right there on the jug. It screams at you that yes, the end of the month is coming quickly, and you'd better get to drinking this milk. The worst is when it's not even the middle of the month, but close, and the stamp is for the first of next month. Panic sets in (well, for me anyway) because of (a) all the things that I haven't gotten done this month, therefore (b) I've got a boatload of stuff I've got to get done this month, because (c) there's a ton of stuff I've got to get done next month. I don't even drink milk, probably because I don't like the milk jug judgment I get.

I supposed I could talk about getting older and all the signs that point to that, but why bother? The fact is that time is passing as we speak. We can bemoan it if we want, but all that does is rob us of those moments that are flying past us. As race weekends and milk jugs reach their due dates and as little girls grow up, the best we can do is enjoy each moment. Because God has given us those moments as gifts, and our best way of thanks to Him is to relish ever second of every moment we have.
Today is a gift because: eye appointment and getting rid of TPAC tix; Lindley and Everley time

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