Saturday, September 3, 2016

And Then There Was A "POP"

Today started early since we had a 10K to do. After yesterday's no-problem 5K, I was kinda looking forward to today's race, to see how that was going to go. We were in our corrals and ready to go for the 5:30am start.

I was doing fine, keeping a slow albeit steady pace. Just after I had reached Mile 4, I heard a definite "POP" behind my left knee. Or maybe I felt the "POP." At any rate, there was a definitive pop and the race took an ugly turn. Of course, this is not the knee that was a mess in May. Did it hurt? Yes. Could I still walk? Slightly. Was it time to quit? That's what I started debating in my head.

Horrible photo.
But you get the drift
 of how I was feeling.
In any race, sometimes I reach that point when I wonder if I will be able to finish. Today I for sure hit that point, and started composing my blog "DNF" - which means "did not finish" for you smart people who stay away from these activities. I kept hobbling along, mainly because there were no medical stations right at that point. Molly caught up to me (her corral was behind mine and she started eons after I did, but caught up with me). She could tell by my limp (and not my usual goofy gait) and my expression that all was not well. I explained my injury and told her to go on ahead. Several walkers asked how I was, and one lady gave me some sport beans while another offered me Bio-Freeze and some Tylenol. The next thing I knew, Tammy came up behind me (she started in several corrals behind me, probably starting six hours after I did, and had caught up to me). I explained what had happened and told her to surge ahead.

Ice, ice baby ...
Soon I could see Mile 5, and knew I had only another mile to go. I knew the route - around Fantasyland, through the castle, down Main Street, and the finish through Downtown Disney. I felt like I could finish - Molly had told me how far the balloon ladies were behind me, and I felt confident that I could get in before they caught up. I texted Molly as I passed each marker so she would know I was moving forward, and eventually I made it to the finish line and got my medal. I then headed to medical, where they iced my knee. They would have checked on it more, but I was sitting next to a woman who had decided we would be best friends and was going to talk my ear off. I decided I needed my ear so I got up and left.

What is my injury? According to Dr. Google, it could be a tear and might heal on its own. I shall consult a flesh and blood doctor, if it doesn't feel better by Wednesday. At least I wasn't planning to do the half marathon tomorrow anyway ...

After the 10K, we cleaned up and met Tammy for a movie, this time it was "Light Between Oceans." Tammy's sister had recommended it, and the previews looked good, so we sat down for some entertainment. I will give the movie two S's - slow and sad.  There was a story, but it was kinda depressing and sad. And I couldn't find any character that I really was rooting for. Oh well, check movie #5 off the 60 Movies list.

The rest of the day was spent in bed, propping my knee up. We were going out for dinner, but I decided any extra walking would be a bad idea, so Molly went out and brought some back. I knew I bring her along for good reasons!!
Blessings today include: fellow walkers who are so kind; seeing Molly and Tammy after my injury; finishing the 10K; movie time  with Tammy and Molly; Molly bringing back dinner

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