Saturday, September 24, 2016


After last night's BuJo party, you might think I would be all tuckered out today. And maybe if I had actually BuJo-ed, I might be. But I didn't, and so Saturday was here for me to do stuff. And so I did.

Molly came over with breakfast because we had some future vacations we needed to make plans for. While she was here, Lynnette and Lindley stopped by to pick up Everley, who was going to play at their house for awhile. When they got ready to leave, I went with them in order to pick up Mathieu's truck at the car place (it was in for maintenance). Once I got back to the house, Molly and I looked at flights and car rentals and other vacation stuff.

By this time, it was lunch time. Neither of us had a plan for lunch, and shot down several ideas before decided to just get in the car and go eat Mexican. We got in the car, but decided to just drive until we found something. We are both on a mission to eat at new places, so we were hoping that some place new would appear before our eyes. And then Molly suggested Gabby's Burgers and Fries.

Neither of us had ever been there before. I had never heard of it, but Molly said she had wanted to eat there for awhile. And so we went there. I think it would qualify for the show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" - I'll let you decide which category Gabby's would qualify for. We went in, ordered our burgers, and sat down to eat. Emmatha was with us, but doesn't eat burgers yet, and doesn't exactly sit in a generic restaurant high chair yet, so that added an extra special touch to lunch. Soon our burgers arrived, and I have to say it was pretty good! I guess I would go back - apparently there is a "secret menu" that I might need to know about.

Gabby's is #4 on my new restaurants list. Yesterday Sam and I ate at Elliston Place Soda Shop for lunch. It's an iconic Nashville spot, and I pass it frequently as I head downtown. It's one of those places that I have said I wanted to eat at, and just haven't managed to. Sam had suggested lunch, and I decided that in my quest of new restaurants, this might be a good one. I think my expectations were a little to high. Maybe I thought I would be transported back to the days of the soda shops of the 50s. While some of the decor suggested that, it just wasn't quite as special as I had hoped. The food was fine - just nothing spectacular. Maybe I should have ordered the special for the day ...

Anyhow, the rest of today was spent quietly, as you can see below. Hooray for Saturday naps!!

When Emmatha naps, everybody naps!

And when Emmatha is awake, Maggie Cat gets a massage!
Today's blessings include: Molly bringing breakfast and planning vacations; Lindley and Everley time; lunch at Gabby's with Molly and Emmatha; naps with Emmatha and Maggie Cat

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