Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Revenant

Last night I watched movie #8 - "The Revenant." I knew the general gyst of this movie, having heard all about it when it was at the movie theaters. I knew it was graphic and violent, which is a big reason why I decided to wait until it was on DVD/the movie channels. Last night it premiered on HBO, so I decided to give it a go.

The good thing was that I could pause it while I went for snacks or to fold the laundry or do other things. It gave me a break in between the graphic violence and blood and guts. Basically the movie is about this trapper dude who gets badly mauled by a bear. This is after his hunting group gets attacked by Indians and they have to escape via their boat. Which they abandon in order to hike back to the fort. Did I mention this took place back in the 1820s?

While there was action, I wouldn't describe it as an action-packed movie. There was sadness and revenge and meanness and hate and love and compassion and and cruelty and death and murder. Did I like it? I don't think this is a movie that one "likes". It was gross and bloody and sad. Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for his performance, as did the director. The movie was critically acclaimed. I'm glad I didn't see it at the movie theater - it would have been hard to take my needed mental breaks.

But I'm glad I saw it, mainly so I can say I saw it. I did wonder about the title of the movie, so I looked up the definition of "revenant." It means to return after death or a long absence. Since Leonardo's character kinda did both, I get it. And now I've seen it. Done.

Still waiting to see Bridget and her baby - time to lighten up a bit!!
Today's blessings include: fun with Lindley and Everley (once they returned from their swim/slumber party

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