Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturdays, Supporters, and Lab Babies

On Saturdays, I have the Es all day while Maribeth delivers the mail. Some Saturdays we get out of our pjs, and some we don't. Some days we just watch movies and find people to bring us food.

Steve is in Columbus for the MSU vs South Carolina football game, so Emmatha decided to be a fan supporter and dressed the part. Well, actually LaLa decided that she could be a supporter, since PawPaw decided against actually taking Emmatha to the game - go figure.

Anyhow, apparently being a fan is very hard and tiring work, since a nap was required later. And Maggie Cat decided to also be a supporter - of the nap idea.

And so there is our Saturday - Go Bulldogs!!

Today's blessings include: quiet Saturday at home; MSU win over SC

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