Thursday, September 8, 2016

And The Verdict Is In ...

At least the ortho doc's verdict that is ... And the verdict?  No major tears/damage to my knee!! Hooray!! The good thing is that now I know for sure. And the other - I have got to get serious with the training and PT and strength training if I want to avoid this in the future.

Dr. Joe Gannon -
McDreamy back in
my day ...
Dr. Young and Handsome (he had some other name, but it really didn't matter) was very nice and thorough. First I had my knees x-rayed. Then Dr. Y&H came in and we discussed the x-rays. He said everything looked good, maybe a little arthritis, but nothing serious. Then he had me stand, then stand on each leg, then bend the knees this way and that, then looked at my arches, then looked at the back of my knees, and then did some strength tests. All in all, for an old lady my age and size, he seemed to think everything was in decent working order. He suggested a few sessions of PT to make sure I had some idea of what to do to get my knees/legs in better shape. He did say my left IT band (the leg that I have not been using the foam roller on) was a little tight - guess it got jealous from the attention I was giving my right leg. So I will be dual foam rolling from here on out. He also suggested continuing OTC pain relief and ice as needed. So all in all, a good visit, especially since he said to come back if things got worse.

So now it's time to get busy doing the right stuff for me knees. And the rest of my body. Which I will do, just as soon as I get my afternoon nap!!
Today's blessings include: valet parking at Vandy; nice xray lady tech; Dr. Y&H; good news from the knee visit

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