Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bumbo Fail - Kinda ...

Emmatha is a very strong baby. She prefers for you to hold her in a standing position rather than sitting. And while she can sit up on her own, it's not for very long before she topples over. For months we have debated on whether to get her a Bumbo. The other girls used them, and it seemed like Emmatha would benefit from having one, if nothing else, to keep her sitting up while watching Lindley and Everley play elsewhere in the room.

So today while Maribeth was picking up some things at Target, I told her to go ahead and get one. She did and brought it home. And here are the results ...

Maggie Cat was a fan. 

She was also a fan back in 2010 in Lindley's Bumbo.
Emmatha?  Not so much a fan. She kept trying to figure a way out.
So do we keep the Bumbo for the cat???

Today's blessings include: happy morning and afternoon daycare bus duty; nice insurance lady telephone chat; getting caught up on bills and other paperwork; telephone chat with LaLa2; 

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