Friday, September 2, 2016

Busy Friday!!

First there was the 5K, Molly hung around with me the whole race and we got some cute photos (speed is not an issue in the 5K). I did okay with no major ankle trips or knee issues. Could I be healed from that May knee/IT issue? At any rate, I finished and received my metal medal - the first 5K Disney medal to be made of metal and not plastic (a big deal if you're a Disney race goofball).

After the race, we cleaned up and waited for our brunch reservation (keep in mind that the race starts at 5:30am, so even at my slow place, we're done before anything opens up). Today we ate at the Carnation Cafe. We planned to eat around 10:45, hoping to have a choice between the breakfast and lunch menus, but alas, we were only allowed to choose from the breakfast menu. I had the Spinach and Tomato-Egg White Frittata, which was fine but nothing to write home about (okay, maybe write a blog about).

We then decided to see a movie. On my "Sixty Things" list, one is to see 60 movies. These movies can be on the premium movie channels on cable, or on DVD, or at the theaters. They just have to be movies I have never seen and cannot be interrupted by commercials. So far I have seen three, which I shall quickly review ...

#1 - "Grandma" - interesting. I like Lily Tomlin, hence the reason I chose to watch it. It's about a grandma whose granddaughter needs money for an abortion. Grandma used all her money to pay off her debts, and has no extra money, so the movie is about the two of them going different places to get money (grandma also cut up her credit cards). I saw this on HBO. Like I said, it was interesting, although not particularly one of my faves.

#2 - "Florence Foster Jenkins" - Meryl Streep - need I say more? I will anyway. Of course, Meryl was outstanding as a rich woman back in the day who loves music but cannot carry a tune. Nevertheless, she performs for her music club, who ignore her ridiculous singing (Meryl is amazing as a bad singer). Anyhoo, she decides to play Carnegie Hall because she has the $$ to do so, and it all falls apart. The movie was super slow, but slightly entertaining. Marilyn, Maribeth, and Molly (I only was movie-watching with "M" people) saw it with me at the movie theater and Molly was not a huge fan ...

#3 - "Creed" - Rocky lives. I saw this on HBO and of course had to, since Rocky (and not too many of the sequels) is a fave, since it was the big deal back in my day. Although Creed Jr. has a lot of angst and Rocky has health issues, it's still a basic good old boy fighter story. It was good enough.

#4 - "Suicide Squad" - So Molly and I had talked about going to the movies while we were here, and the two that we had picked were "Light Between Oceans" and "Suicide Squad." Today I thought we were going to see "Light" and was mentally prepared for that movie, when after the movie started, I realized it was "Suicide." This movie was definitely not a fave - weird, kinda gross at times, lots of bad guys trying to do the right thing, lots of not-making-sense stuff, witches, supernatural - yeah, not my cup of tea. But I saw it, and won't have to wonder what it's about.

After the movie, we did some other stuff and had some dinner with our Run Disney pal Tammy before turning in - tomorrow's the 10K!!

Finished the race - and got our metal medals!!

Met up with this dude somewhere ...

Had to get a photo with Belle for my friend Elizabeth's birthday (Eliz is secretly Belle).

The question is - am I pushing Molly or is she pulling me?

My castle - which you really need to see in person ...
Blessings today include: finishing the 5K with Molly; brunch at Carnation; photos with Woody and Belle; movie with Molly; dinner with Molly and Tammy

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