Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back In The Saddle Like Chester!

Maribeth is working every single day this month, so that means I'm on morning day care bus duty. Which isn't a bad thing, unless you knee is acting all crazy. In that case, it's a fun adventure of how to get stuff done.

The knee seems to hurt less each day, but I will be calling a knee doc later today. I think it's time to know for sure what the deal is and how to make things better. Anyway, back to the daycare bus ...

Maribeth left her stroller for me, which is a great stroller - if you drive a regular size car. To fit said stroller into my car, one has to wedge it in the front seat (carefully leaving space to shift the car from park into drive) or edge it in the back hatch part. And still leave space for the two day care bags that need to go. Somehow I managed to get it all in, along with both Es and headed to school.

Once there, it was time to unload the stroller, unload the bags, unload the kids, load Ems into the stroller, grab the bags and sling them over my shoulder, and keep Evs from playing in traffic. Step One complete, we limped toward the front door, pushing the stroller (which was actually more like a walker for me). It kinda looked like Chester from "Gunsmoke" - if any of you actually have any idea of who that is.

Anyhow, I got to Emmatha's class, put on my booties (they have a clean room with no shoes allowed), and hobbled into her room to drop her off, promptly telling her teachers that I had injured my knee (in case they thought I had started drinking really early). Next it was time to drop Everley off, which was even better considering the steps I needed to navigate down to get to her room. And then navigate up again to leave.  With both girls in daycare custody, I grabbed my walker the stroller and headed back to the car. To shove the stroller back into the car. Once home, I found my lovely bed waiting for me to recline and prop the leg back up.

I was also on afternoon daycare bus duty, but Maribeth finished her route (with it being the day after a holiday, she thought she might have a lot of mail) and picked the girls up. So my bed-lolling-about could continue.  And I did get an appointment with a doctor for Thursday - get I'd better figure out a way to shave my legs!!
Today's blessings include: getting the girls to school with no major problems; resting my leg; Lynnette and Lindley coming over after school/work; Maribeth picking up dinner; Molly's safe travel to NYC; getting a Thursday appointment

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