Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pasta For All!!

This morning Maribeth texted me (actually it was a group text) with a link to a giveaway from Olive Garden. The giveaway is a "Never Ending Pasta Pass" which means the pass gives holders access to unlimited pasta, soup, salad and soft drinks, for seven weeks beginning on October 3. I think this is the third year for the giveaway, and Maribeth has tried to get one, to no avail.

Anyhow, she sent the link to see if we wanted to try. There was a countdown timer, and I had about 15 minutes to decide, and decided why not - I have experience entering RunDisney races!!  And so, I got ready to try. Apparently once the timer has counted down, it turns to a "Buy" button that you have to click to get a pass. So, about 10 seconds before the countdown ended, I started clicking. And guess what - I GOT ONE!!  I know, I was surprised, too. Anyhow, the pass isn't free - it's $100, but the money goes to Feeding America. And, according to somebody's calculations, each pasta meal would normally cost about $10, so I will need to go the Olive Garden ten times to break even. 

Not everyone in the family likes Olive Garden, which is fine, because the women do, and we do like a girls lunch/dinner. And while nobody else will get their pasta meal free, they do get free drinks if I go with them. The only other wrinkle is that there is no Olive Garden super close - the closest one is about 20 minutes away. But for free pasta, I think I can manage.

And while I was feeling pretty good about scoring a pass (Maribeth did not manage to get one - but then again, she was in the middle of delivering mail in the boonies with limited cell service), I felt really good today, when I found out that all 21,000 passes sold out in less than a second!!

However, I have a feeling that seven weeks after October 3, I will have had my fill of Olive Garden pasta ...
Today's blessings include: nabbing a pasta pass thanks to Maribeth; getting my car inspected and tags ordered; Sam bringing Firehouse Subs for dinner; Lindley and Everley time

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