Thursday, September 22, 2016

Throw Back Thursday for Breast CancerT

I've done six Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks. They were all great experiences - now that they're well in the past! Each has its own memories and stories, so today I decided to share some of my favorite photos from some of the walks. And yes, looking at the photos kinda brings up a twinge to do another - but so far I've been able to resist that twinge!!

This was in Atlanta, October 2001. My friend Emily said she would do it with me.
Instead of walking, she worked on the medical staff (she's a nurse), popping blisters
and other medical stuff. We shared a tent, even the night that it poured rain.
We didn't see each other much, but I was so thankful to have someone there with me!

This was in the Twin Cities, August 2007. I wanted to do something special for my 50th birthday.
Lynnette said she wanted to do one, and did it with me.
This was at the finish. We were very happy to be there!!

This was in San Diego, November 2009. Marilyn wanted to do one, so I said I would do it with her.
It was a beautiful course, and a real experience for Marilyn to spend two nights in Tent City.
She didn't sleep so well, but of course, I slept like a baby!!

This was in San Francisco, September 2012. Molly, KB, and Sharon said they wanted to do a 3-Day.
Karen and Jo (not the bra girls above) also joined our team, but they walked way faster than we did.
We had a great time in our little tents, and four of us decided to do it again!
Of course, that could have been the post-walk wine talking ...

And so here we are in Washington, DC, October 2013. Because she was now a breast cancer survivor,
Marilyn wanted to do one more. And Sharon's husband Bruce came along, too!
We like to call this photo, "Bruce and His Sista Wives."
This was in our hotel lobby, because by this time we all were very smart -
and decided hotel sleeping was much better than tent sleeping!

And then finally, we finished our walks in Philadelphia, November 2014.
While we again hotel-ed it, this one almost did us in.
Each of  us had our down moments, and rode the sweep shuttle.
But we had a great time - and swore we'd never do another!!
Today's blessings include: happy memories of breast cancer walks; getting Everley to school ready for school pictures; first day of fall

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