Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sitting Out Another One ...

That would be another half marathon. At Disneyland. The other one being in May when my right knee revolted. Anyhow, today would be another skip for me, and another finish for Molly - yay!!

I got up when Molly did (that's what happens when you go to bed before it gets dark). Although I had no intention of attempting to see her anywhere before the finish, I also didn't plan to go back to sleep. Instead, I got up (if you can call my hobble that), got a shower, packed up my stuff, and did some work on the computer.

After a while, I started tracking Molly, so I would know how close she was to the finish. The finish line is right outside our hotel, so I figured I could at least limp to see her there (or get Goofy to push me in a wheelchair). RunDisney has a new thingy where they have a map that points out where your runner is. I decided to also track our pal Tammy, and noticed that their "points" were close together (MD = Molly, and the big orange square = Tammy). I asked Molly if she could see Tammy, and lo and behold they were actually together at that point, which as you can see is somewhere between miles 11 and 12.

Once they reached Mile 12, I decided to head down to the finish line, actually the .1 miles between Mile 13 (beside our fave spot Earl of Sandwich) and the actual finish line. Pretty soon, here they came! They actually both looked pretty good, considering the fact that it was a bit warm today.

Once Molly and finished and received her medals, she returned to the room and we got ready to go to the airport. After a pleasant Uber (or was it Lyft) ride to the airport, and a terrible decision to eat at the worst McDonalds ever (after we had inspected and evaluated every other eating establishment in the airport), we were soon on our way. After a brief stop in Houston for our second leg of the trip, we were headed home.  Steve picked us up and I pretty much dove into my bed.

All in all, it was a fun weekend - if you just leave my knee out of it.
Blessings today include: getting some blogging done; seeing Molly and Tammy at the finish; Molly taking care of ride to airport and nice driver; airport eating decisions; empty middle seat on second leg of trip home; sleeping in my own bed

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