Monday, September 12, 2016

Readers, Readers, Where Are My Readers?

I've worn contacts since college. Several years ago, due to my advancing age and astigmatism, I've needed the use of "readers" to help me read print that is up close. For a time, I used one "near-sighted" contact in one eye and a "far-sighted" contact in the other. While it helped me not have to use readers, my distance sight was compromised, so I stopped doing it.

Which brings me to today's subject - readers. Mainly, my use and misuse of them. For starters, I have lots of readers. I have them stashed in nearly every room in the house (and in some rooms of my children's homes). I know - why do I have so many, and how can I afford them?

First of all, I have so many because I could never find them when I needed them. Sure, I could wear them on an eyeglass cord around my neck (and I have a Disney cord just for that purpose). But that method would assume that (a) I could find the cord and the attached readers, and (b) I would remember to wear it. Fail on both those accounts. So instead, I have pairs stashed everywhere - in the den, in the kitchen, in my nightstand, in the bathroom (yes, the reading room), in my sewing kit - anywhere I might need to read something.

Now, how can I afford so many readers?  Two words - Dollar Store. There you can purchase these little gems for $1-$2, depending on the style. And so I purchase them by the gross. In fact, one year KB gave me a box full of them. This is also handy since I am pretty rough on readers and tend to break them on occasion (this has nothing to do with the Dollar Store quality, I'm sure). So now, whenever the leg breaks off one, or the screw goes missing, I no longer have to put the readers back together with a paper clip and/or masking tape (because I will still use them in that condition). Instead I can let them go, and go forth with a working set.

The only problem is when I put on the den set of readers and walk to another room, taking the readers with me. Then the next time I need my den readers, they aren't there!! Chaos and anarchy!! I have to go to the "readers" drawer and re-establish order.

So now you know my reader story. Except for today's. I was doing something and went to pick up my readers, which of course were no where to be found. So I pulled out another set, did what I needed to do, and folded them to clip inside the neck of my shirt - right next to the missing ones!!
Today's blessings include:  Fun day car bus duty with the Ls; quiet day at home

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