Monday, September 19, 2016

Emmatha Monday

Today was the day for Emmatha's school picture. Maribeth had left the outfit of choice, along with some backup outfits. After Emmatha's early morning bottle, she decided to blow out her diaper (one of her finest talents) which required several thousand handi-wipes, a chux to protect the bedding (learned that lesson twice the hard way), and something to entertain Emmatha in order to prevent her busy little hands from making matters worse. I was just glad that she had decided to do this while still in her sleeper rather than once she was all dressed up.

Once she had been sanitized, I started dressing her in her photo outfit. This consisted of a onesie followed by matching leggings and finally a denim jumper skirt. Of course once I put on the jumper skirt and pulled the straps through the holes, I realized that there was no "attaching" for the straps. Clearly something had come off or was not included. So what was I to do? The only thing I could think of was to use safety pins, which seemed ill advised at her age. So I did the only thing I could, which was to take the choice outfit off and put on Backup Outfit #1 (which was basically white, which meant Backup Outfit #2 was necessary, in case Emmatha decided to perform her finest talent a second time).

Anyhow, we got to school and I dropped her and then Everley off and then went on my merry way. The photographer was getting ready to take the photos as I was leaving, so I thought everything would be great. Emmatha looked quite adorable to me (duh!). As it turned out, by the time the photographer got all her stuff together and returned to the baby room, all the babies were either hungry, tired, poopy, and/or a combination of any and all of these conditions. So much for picture day. They decided to try again tomorrow, which will work out well, since Maribeth informed me that those pesky straps were supposed to be pulled through the holes and then tied - in a cutesy fashion-forward way.

Anyhow, tonight Emmatha has developed a new talent - splashing (yes, we take pride in many things in this family). Now that she has decided that sitting up is preferable to laying down, she has found that bathtime can be a lot of fun. And LaLa has decided that perhaps a poncho is in order for bathtime!

Today's blessings include: Emmatha having a poopalooza diaper before school; Emmatha looking adorbs for photo; splashing fun in the tub

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