Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Today I was on duty to pick up Lindley from after-school. Everley had arrived at the house just before I was going to leave, so she asked if she could go with me, to which of course I replied yes, and we headed out.

Sam had told me that they had a new system in place, which requires fingerprints, so I was prepared with my driver's license when I entered the school (since at Everley and Emmatha's school one lady thought I was the nanny, I wanted to make sure I established my identity). Everley and I headed back to the after-school area to get Lindley.

Once I made my way through the throngs of children, I found a lady who looked like she was in charge. I told her I was there to pick up Lindley Davidson, to which she replied that Lindley was still in art class and wouldn't be finished for another 30 minutes. Apparently somewhere I did not pay attention as to when I was supposed to pick her up. Big shocker there. I was happy just to remember that I was supposed to pick her up, period.

Anyhow, this left a dilemma for Everley and me. Thirty minutes would not be enough time to go home and do anything and return. Everley's idea was to sit in the car for thirty minutes - which I vetoed due to the heat. She also volunteered that we go to Target, but since those are generally half-day affairs, I also vetoed that idea.

We finally decided that we would go somewhere and get snacks. Did we go to the CVS that was down the street? Of course not - instead choosing to visit the Walgreens across town. As in across rush-hour traffic in Nashville, where bumper-car attractions probably got their start.

After countless waits for red lights and endless waits for incompetent drivers to decide which lane they preferred (and changing their minds mid-lane change), we finally arrived at Walgreens. There was a shopping basket that Everley determined we needed to wheel back into the store, which she would push. At least until she pushed it off the sidewalk. LaLa rescued the basket and wheeled it successfully into the store, convincing Everley that we did not need to actually return it to the shopping basket bin.

After carefully perusing the food aisle, we finally decided on two sleeves of mini-doughnuts, a package of Combos, and some mints (which were horrible). By this time, it was past time that we needed to return, so we hastily returned to the car for the interminable return to the school (encountering the same goofballs who were still trying to pick a lane).

We returned to the room and I found another adult that I assumed to be in charge (she had a walkie-talkie in her hand). I explained who I was and who I was there to pickup and that I understood that there was a new system for pickup in place. To which she replied that Ms. BlahBlah would help me with that. As if I knew who Ms. BlahBlah was.

Not knowing, I decided to go stand by the check-out ipad thingy on the wall. Of course last year there was a passcode which I didn't remember, but since I knew this, I had the passcode saved in my contacts. Which didn't matter, since there was going to be a new fingerprint system. Anyhow, eventually Ms. BlahBlah shows up (or I assume that's who she was, since she came to talk to me). I explained that this was the first time this year I was picking up and didn't know the new system. She said that was okay, since I was not in the system yet. Today she would check Lindley out for me, and next time I could hopefully get in the system and do whatever I am supposed to do. For the new system.

I just hope I arrive at the right time next time!
Today's blessings include: picking up Lindley at school; Walgreens shopping with Everley; Steve's burgers on the grill for dinner

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