Wednesday, September 21, 2016


"A Choreographer is a poet. I do not create. God creates.
I assemble, and I will steal from everywhere to do it."
- George Balanchine -

Personally, I hate surprises. For myself, I do not like surprise parties, or surprise guests, or pretty much surprise anything. I'm sure there are many psychological reasons for this, but there are so many psychological reasons for everything I manage to do that I'll just go with the theory that surprises are a personal "hate" of mine.

However, I do like to surprise other people. Not a shocking surprise or a surprise visit, but more of a happy surprise. Like finding something that reminds me of someone, and then sending that something to someone. But I will be the first to admit this - it's really not my doing at all.

I believe that God puts the surprise thing and the surprise person together for me, and then gives me the task of getting that surprise thing to the surprise person. Sometimes it's via the mail, sometimes it's via a personal delivery, and sometimes it's via an anonymous conveyance. But every time, it's really not me who's the giver - it's all God and what He wants to give to someone here on Earth.

How do I know this? Because I'm not that nice of a person. I know it's God because I will see something and immediately someone comes to mind. Sometimes I have to think about whether I will get the "thing" and get it to the person. I mean, what if that person thinks the thing is silly and dumb? What if that person thinks I'm silly and dumb? What if that person considers calling the men in little white coats to come and pick me up to take me to the funny farm?

And then I remember Who is in charge of it all. I remember that I'm not the giver, I'm just the messenger carrier. I remember that it's not about me, but about God and the person. And I remember that all good things come from above, so I say a prayer and send the thing on its way. And then I let it go, because how the receiver feels about the thing is not my concern - my job was just to get it there.

So, if you ever get something from me, and you're wondering why, just remember this - it's really not from me at all. It's from God, and He just wanted you to know that He's thinking of you and loves you very much!
Today's blessings include: quiet Tuesday at home; getting a slow mile done on Belmont 

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