Sunday, September 11, 2016

I Remember

September 11. Certainly a day that people of this generation will never forget. We will remember where we were and the moment we realized that this was no accident. We will remember all those images and the stories that went with them. And as we remember, we will offer a prayer for those lost and those who live without them.

I read that this year's high schoolers will be learning about September 11 as a part of history. I guess that's one way we age - as our life events slowly fade into history. While we remember vividly the events and moments that shape our lives, we somehow hope those feelings will transfer to the next generation. And sometimes we feel sorely disappointed when they don't.

But maybe that's the whole point of events and memories and history. While it stays current and important to us who experienced it, it doesn't and can't to those who only know it through history. For me, I don't remember the JFK assassination or Pearl Harbor or D-Day. But I know those who experienced it as a current event, remember it with all the emotions that they felt when it was fresh.

So what do we do with our life-altering events that others will only learn about as historical events? We remember. We hold those events close to our hearts and mourn those lost. We share our feelings and thoughts and memories with those who will listen, and attempt to relay what it was like on that day.

Because in the end, history will duly record those events and experiences. It's those of us who remember them that will cherish and honor and remember all that they involved. That's our responsibility as those who were there in those moments - to remember and never forget.

Today's blessings include: quiet Sunday at home

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